Ward 6 Saint Paul is Closed

Dear friends:

We're heartbroken to announce that Ward 6 will be closing its doors as of Sunday, June 3. Thanks to our great customers for all the beautiful memories we've created together.

The sad fact is Ward 6 has had a difficult time financially for the past couple of years. Life in the restaurant biz is hard, and for a small restaurant that tries to do things the right way (as we see it), the margins (and margin of error) are very, very small. There is only so long a restaurant can go on without making money, and we have come to the end of that road.

Along the way, we've learned many things, and we can say this: we survived for 5 1/2 years in a difficult environment. We helped create interest in the great restaurant scene on our beloved Payne Avenue. And we made a lot of friends with our amazing customers and neighbors along the way. The love between Ward 6 and its Eastside community is special to us, and we're proud of what we created and what we accomplished.

We're forever grateful to the amazing people who have worked at Ward 6 - they are the reason we've had success; they created an environment where everyone felt at home. We are confident that they'll be able to take what they've learned from W6 and succeed in other restaurants around town.

We're thankful for the farmers, the brewers, the purveyors and salespeople of all of our great food and drink-please continue to care about where your food comes from and the people who create it.

And we're so thankful to you, our wonderful customers. You supported us, you gave us important feedback when we needed it, and you became part of our family.

Of course there's so much more to say, but words don't suffice. We hope to see many of you over these final days to say goodbye. We're sorry we couldn't keep this going forever. And please, support your favorite local restaurants-chances are, they're closer to this kind of situation than you might think.

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